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Comparative analysis of direct and indirect property investment returns in Abuja. Nigeria

Adekunle Sunday Adeogun, Yusuf Luka Gambo, Ibrahim Luqman


The main thrust of this paper is to comparatively analyse the performance of property and stock market returns with a view to determining whether indirect investment in property shares can be a substitute for direct property investment in Abuja, Nigeria. The study utilized mean score, variance, standard deviation, coefficient of variation and Pearson Product Moment Correlation to analyse the performance of direct and indirect property investment. It was discovered that investment in property shares is more risky than commercial property due to the risk variation of 0.15605 that exist between them. When property returns were correlated with mean dividend of the construction/real estate sub-sector of the stock market, it was discovered that there is a strong positive relationship between the two variables with correlation coefficient of 0.85. The study recommended among other things that investors in either property or stock investment should ensure proper analysis of their investment assets and look beyond their investment assets i.e. make all the necessary comparisons before taking any investment decision.

Keywords: Direct property investment, indirect property investment, investment return, property market

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