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Influence of curing methods on some properties of rice husk ash concrete

I Tiamiyu, I.K. Zubair, M Mamman


The paper investigated the most appropriate curing method for rice husk ash (RHA) concrete. The study confirmed the strength performance of concrete with 5% replacement of RHA at 7, 14, 28 and 56 days of curing under three curing methods namely spraying, immersion and covering with polythene; with the targeted concrete strength value of 30N/mm2 at 28 days. After curing, 29.6 N/mm2, 29.2 N/mm2 and 29.2 N/mm2 were obtained for RHA concrete under spraying, immersion and polythene methods at 28 days and 31.6 N/mm2, 36.4 N/mm2 and 24.0 N/mm2 at 56 days respectively. The overall results suggest that RHA concrete cured by immersion in water produced a better compressive strength just as in normal concrete. Therefore, based on the findings, immersion in water is recommended as the most suitable curing method for RHA concrete at 5% replacement level.

Keywords: Concrete, Curing method, Rice husk ash

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