African Zoology

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Book Reviews

Kel Sheppey, Peter Apps, Robin M. Crewe, David Raubenheimer, D.A. Gray, C.R. Brown, Roy A. Earlé, Anton McLachlan, J.H. van Wyk


Book Review 1

Book Title: Mammal Ecology

Book Author: M.J. Delany

Blackie & Son, Glasgow, 1982. 162 pp.

Book Review 2

Book Title: Social Behaviour in Mammals

Book Author: Trevor B. Poole

Blackie, Glasgow. 248 pp.

Book Review 3

Book Title:  Social Odours in Mammals. Volume 1

Book Authors: Edited by Richard E. Brown & David W. Macdonald

Oxford University Press, Oxford, 1985. 556 pp.

Book Review 4

Book Title: Biology of Communication

Book Authors: D. Brian Lewis & D. Michael Gower

Blackie & Son, Glasgow. 239 pp.

Book Review 5

Book Title: Animal Osmoregulation

Book Authors: J. Clifford Rankin & John A. Davenport

Blackie & Son. 202 pp.

Book Review 6

Book Title: Physiological Strategies in Avian Biology

Book Authors: J.G. Phillips, P.J. Butler & P.J. Sharp

Blackie Publishing Corporation, Glasgow, 1985. 218 pp.

Book Review 7

Book Title: Vocal Communication in Birds

Book Author: Clive K. Catchpole

Edward Arnold (Publishers), London, 1979. 68 pp. & 38 diagrams.

Book Review 8

Book Title:  An introduction to coastal ecology

Book Author: P.J.S. Boaden & R. Seed

Blackie and Son (Ltd). 218 pp.

Book Review 9

Book Title:  Biology of Reptiles: An Ecological Approach

Book Author: Ian F. Spellerberg

Blackie & Son Ltd., Glasgow & London, 1982. 158 pp.

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