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A new species of land planarian (Platyhelminthes: Tricladida: Terricola: Rhynchodemidae) from South Africa, with a list of African terrestrial planarian species

H.D. Jones


Othelosoma joburgi is described from Roodepoort, Gauteng province, South Africa. Preserved worms are up to 16mmlong and 3mmwide, cylindrical, plump, and ‘sick green’ in colour with no obvious stripes or markings. There is a dorsal anterior retractor muscle which causes the head to be strongly retracted, and strong parenchymal longitudinal musculature. The penis has a distinct conical papilla. There is a large copulatory bursa with both a ductus vaginalis opening directly to the exterior and a Beauchamp’s canal connecting to the common ovovitelline duct. A list of all African land planarian species with brief descriptions and locations is included in the hope of encouraging further records.

Keywords: Othelosoma joburgi n.sp., flatworm morphology, distribution
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