Procamacolaimus tubifer Gerlach, 1953, Procamacolaimus africanus sp.nov. and Eontolaimus capensis gen.nov., sp.nov., (Nematoda, Leptolaimidae) from South Africa

  • J.P. Furstenberg
  • Magda Vincx


A female and three males of Procamacolaimus tubifer Gerlach, 1953 are described and illustrated from Cape Receife Beach, Port Elizabeth. P. africanus sp.nov. is also described from Cape Receife Beach. It is compared with P. tubifer which it resembles but from which it can be differentiated by length of the buccal cavity, amphid size and the shape of the spicules. Eontolaimus capensisgen.nov., sp.nov. is described, also from the same sandy beach. This new genus is related to Deontolaimus papillatus de Man, 1880 from which it can be distinguished, among other things, by the absence of a tooth-like structure in the buccal cavity and the presence of pre-anal tubuli.

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eISSN: 2224-073X
print ISSN: 1562-7020