Book Reviews

  • Ric Bernard
  • R.J. van Aarde
  • T Hecht
  • C.H. Scholtz
  • S.G. Compton


Book Review 1

Book Title: The Physiology of Reproduction

Book Authors: Editors-in-Chief: E. Knobil, & J.D. Kneill

Raven Press, 1988. 2633 pages

Book Review 2

Book Title: Long-term Studies in Ecology: Approaches and Alternatives

Book Author: Gene E. Likens

Springer-Verlag, New York, 1988. 214 pages, 27 figures. ISBN 3-540-96743-5.

Book Review 3

Book Title: Oceans of Life off Southern Africa

Book Authors: Edited by Andrew I.L. Payne & Robert J.M. Crawford and illustrated by Anthony P. van Dalsen

Vlaeberg Publishers, Cape Town, 1989. 300 pp., numerous figures, tables and photographs.

Book Review 4

Book Title: Biotic Diversity in Southern Africa: Concepts and Conservation

Book Author: Edited by B.J. Huntley

Oxford University Press, Cape Town, 1989. 380 pages, hardback edition.

Book Review 5

Book Title: Ecosystems of the World 14B, Tropical Rain Forest Ecosystems: Biogeographical and Ecological Studies

Book Authors: Edited by H. Leith & M.J.A. Werger

Elsevier, 1989.


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