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<i>Korsaranthus natalensis</i> (Carlgren, 1938) nov. comb. (Cnidaria: Actiniaria) a mobile sea anemone attacking octocorals

Karin Riemann-Zürneck
Charles L. Griffiths


In-situ observations and photographs of an unusual and spectacular red and white striped, mobile anemone, which appears to feed on gorgonians on sublittoral habitats on the south and east coasts of South Africa, prompted a closer examination of two preserved specimens. The specimens are identical with Condylactis natalensis  Carlgren, 1938, which was described from a single preserved specimen and has not since been reported. The redescription of the species indicates that a new genus, Korsaranthus, is required to accommodate it within the family Actiniidae. Most significant characteristics of K. natalensis are the lack of p-mastigo- phores in its cnidome and the folded, distal-most part of its actinopharynx, features that compare with members of order Ptychodactiaria, which are predators of octocorals, too.