Group displays in pale-winged starlings

  • P.E. Hulley
  • A.J.F.K. Craig
  • G.H. Walter
Keywords: aggression, social behaviour, roosting


Cliff-nesting pale-winged starlings (Onychognathus nabouroup) gather on the cliff tops  to perform Group Displays which include both aggressive and courtship elements: Hopping,Wing Stretching,Wing Drooping, Wing Flicking, Staring, Head Forward Threat  and Butterfly Fluttering. These displays occur throughout the year, most frequently in the late afternoon. We suggest that this behaviour may be important in pair formation, and in establishing dominance relationships between birds breeding at the same site.

Key words: aggression, social behaviour, roosting.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2224-073X
print ISSN: 1562-7020