Assessment of anti-inflammatory potential of Sesbania bispinosa Linn. leaf extracts and fractions by acute and chronic models

  • Ganesh D Boddawar
  • Shashikant C Dhawale
  • Shafik S Shaikh
Keywords: Anti-inflammatory, Sesbania bispinosa, Carrageenan, Formalin


Aim and objectives: Leaf extracts and fractions of S. bispinosa were evaluated for anti-inflammatory activity in mice using acute and chronic anti-inflammatory models with aspirin as a reference drug.
Materials and methods: Methanol, chloroform and hexane were used to prepare leaf extracts by soxhlet extraction method, while acetone, ethyl acetate and petroleum ether were used to prepare fractions of most active extract. These extract and fractions were evaluated by using carrageenan and formalin-induced inflammation models in albino mice. Extracts and fractions at the dose 250 mg/kg/p.o. and aspirin at 100 mg/kg/p.o. were used for the study.
Results: Methanolic extract of S. bispinosa (MELSB) revealed significant  anti-inflammatory activity which is indicated by 15.22% inhibition of paw edema at 180 min in carrageenan model, while ethyl acetate fraction of methanolic extract showed 16.26% and 15.50% inhibition of paw edema and thickness in carrageenan and formalin models respectively. In chronic model, just like aspirin, time-dependent activity was observed with acetone and ethyl acetate fractions; the greater reduction in paw thickness was observed with ethyl acetate fraction (**p<0.01).
Conclusion: The results of the present study suggest that leaves of S. bispinosa possess significant level of anti-inflammatory activity and ethyl acetate fraction may be further explored as an anti-inflammatory remedy as it was found to possess higher anti-inflammatory activity among all extracts and fractions as demonstrated in both acute and chronic models.

Keywords: Anti-inflammatory; Sesbania bispinosa; Carrageenan; Formalin



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eISSN: 2090-2948
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