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Nodular hidradenoma of the breast: A case report

G.H. Ano-Edward, I.O. Amole, S.A. Adesina, O.A. Ajiboye, M.E. Lasisi, R.K. Jooda


Nodular hidradenoma is a rare benign skin adnexial lesion of the breast. It is often located in the nipple areolar region and presents as a slow growing painless lesion.

We report a case in a 62 yr old male who had a slowly growing left breast lesion of 10 yrs duration. Physical examination revealed an 8 cm superficial, spherical, mobile non tender lump in the nipple areolar region. Excision biopsy with clear margins was performed and histologic examination was nodular hidradenoma after wide consultations.

Nodular hidradenoma of the breast is a differential diagnosis of sub areolar masses that must be considered by both pathologist and surgeons to avoid misdiagnosis and overtreatment.

Keywords: Nodular hidradenoma, Male breast, Nipple areolar region

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