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Micro RNA facilitated chemoresistance in gastric cancer: a novel biomarkers and potential therapeutics


Introduction: In spite of the substantial advances in clinical practice, Gastric cancer (GC) remains the third leading cause of cancer death worldwide. The incidence of drug resistance remains a hindrance to effective treatment for GC. Although the molecular mechanisms of chemoresistance have broadly studied, the gene regulation and expression mechanisms of miRNA have not entirely understood.

Methods: Online databases of PubMed, Scopus, Google Scholar, and Embase databases were searched to retrieve relevant publications. The following keywords were used: MicroRNA, Noncoding RNA, miRNA, Gastric cancer, drug resistance, and chemoresistance.

Results: miRNAs play a pivotal role in the initiation, progression of tumor and metastasis, as well as in the development of pathways mediating resistance to chemotherapy in GC. Unluckily, to date, there is no consistent, reliable biomarker available to predict the response of chemotherapy before the start of the treatment.

Discussion: In this review, we would like to provide an overview of the miRNAs and miRNA facilitated chemoresistance machinery in GC to develop a personalized treatment to overcome GC drug resistance.