Effect of Graded Levels of Dates Dietary Fiber on Weight Gain, Serum Glucose and Insulin Levels of Normal and Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats

  • Saada Mohamed Al-Orf Assistant Professor in Clinical Nutrition Applied Medical Scien Ces College King Saud University
Keywords: Streptozotocin, diabetes mellitus, Sprague-Dawley rats, dietary dates fibers, serum glucose, insulin


Objective: The aim of the study was to evaluate the effect of graded levels of dates dietary fiber on diabetes mellitus induced by streptozotocin (STZ) in male Sprague-Dawley (SD) rats.

Methodology: Rats were divided into eight groups, among which four groups (Groups 1-4) were normal and the other four groups were diabetic (Groups 5-8). Diabetes was induced in rats by an intraperitoneal injection of STZ (50 mg/kg body weight). Different concentrations (5%, 10% and 20%) of dates fibers were mixed with standard diet and administered to rats except group 1 and group 5. Changes in body weight, food intake, water intake, serum glucose and insulin levels were observed in normal and diabetic rats on 0, 10th and 21st day. Oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) was also carried out on day 21.

Results:  Body weight of diabetic control group increased but not significantly. A significant difference in the average food intake was observed between non-diabetic and diabetic groups. Though the rats in the diabetic groups consumed more amount of water, there was no significant difference when compared with non-diabetic group. Significant difference in serum blood glucose level was observed in diabetic control group (group 5) when compared to other diabetic groups. Non-significant difference in the levels of serum insulin was observed in diabetic control group compared to other diabetic groups. Serum glucose levels after OGTT were increased significantly in diabetic groups compared to non-diabetic groups.

Conclusion: Addition of dietary dates fibers to standard diet and administered to diabetic rats had a potential role in reducing their food intake, reducing or controlling weight, as well as lowering blood glucose.

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