Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa

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Resultats D’une Enquete Sero-Epidemiologique Sur La Brucellose Dans Les Elevages Bovins Laitiers En Zone Peri-Urbaine Du District De Bamako

Bahpa Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa


Following the demographic explosion, the needs of urban populations in Mali in milk and dairy products in particular have increased substantially. Development during the last decades of dairy farming in periurban areas of the District of Bamako and other major cities in Mali has enabled us to address those needs in part. However, this livestock is faced with constraints, including some health conditions of dairy farming. This study, conducted in 2011 was aimed to evaluate the seroprevalence of brucellosis in dairy cattle farms located in periurban area of the District of Bamako and make recommendations for better control of the disease. The study has permitted to test 684 sera from 10 cattle herds whose promoters wanted a brucellosis for their clean. The individual prevalence rate was estimated to 11.1% (76 positive sera). It was established that the rate of brucellosis prevalence varied depending of farming (site), age (higher among subjects aged over than 10 years), sex (rates significantly higher in females) and clinical status of animals (maximum number of cases in animals that had aborted). The study allowed also to formulate practical recommendations for a better control of brucellosis in dairy cattle farms in Mali.

Keywords: Brucellosis, Cattle, Serology, Bamako Bull.

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