Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa

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Pathological study of female reproductive organs of local zebus in Adamawa Region

J Kouamo, B Meyoufey, A.P. Zoli


Genital tracts of female zebus (n=501) collected from Ngaoundere Municipal Slaughterhouse (NMSH) were examined with respect to breed, age, body condition score (BCS) and physiological status. Out of these specimens, the pregnancy rate was 20.4%. A total of 292 (58.28%) specimens had abnormalities. Maximum pathological conditions were observed in the ovaries (39.6%), followed by those in the uterus (15.4%), oviduct (2.8%) and vulvo-vagina (0.6%). Pathological conditions observed in the ovaries included anoestrus (25.2%), repeat breeding (8.4%), ovarian cysts (3.8%), double and multiple ovulation (1.2%), oophoritis (0.4%), ovarobursal adhesions (0.4%) and ovarian abscess (0.2%) whereas, those in the uterus included mucometra (7.8%), metritis (5.6%), hydrometra (1.6%) and lymphosarcoma (0.4%). Oviduct abnormalities include parovarian cysts (1.4), hydrosalpinx (0.6), lymphosarcoma (0.4), salpingitis (0.2%) and double oviduct (0.2). A total of 54 female zebus (10.78%) had at least two abnormalities. The ovarian cystanoestrus (3.39%), mucometra - anoestrus (2.20%) and metritis - anoestrus (1.20%) associations were the most observed. The thin cows (body condition score 1-2) aged 4 to 8 years old were more predisposed to genital pathologies. Results of this study indicated that lesions of the female reproductive system represent a significant source of infertility.

Keywords: zebu, ovaries, oviducts, uterus, abnormalities, Adamawa

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