Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa

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Chemical composition and in vitro dry matter digestibility of Moringa oleifera, Aspilia africana and Azadirachta indica leaves using rabbit inoculum

O Bolarin, A.O. Oni, C.F.I. Onwuka, J.A. Olanite


The effect of caecal inoculum of rabbit on in vitro gas production and dry matter digestibility of Moringa oleifera, Azadirachta indica and Aspilia africana leaf meals at different levels of 0%, 15% and 30%. Leave samples were analyzed for crude protein (CP), lignin (ADL), acid (ADF) and neutral (NDF) detergent fibres. The gas production was continuously measured by incubating samples in buffered solution for 96 hr. Cumulative gas production was recorded from 2 - 96 hrs of incubation periods using non-linear regression equation. Concentrations of CP (13.66-26.26 %DM), NDF (48.00-60.00 %DM) and ADF (36-54 %DM), ADL (48.00 - 60.00 %DM) differed among species. Mineral results showed that K (417.52 ppm), Fe (10.01 ppm), Cu (0.22 ppm) and Zn (0.88 ppm) were highest in A. Africana. Highest (p<0.05) metabolizable energy (3.94 MJKg-1), organic matter digestibility (28.06%) and short chain fatty acids (0.05 μmol) estimated from the in vitro gas production parameters were observed at 30% MOM. The present experiment has shown that the leaves of the plants improve the efficiency of protein digestion in the caecum and are sufficient to meet the requirements of rabbits.

Keywords: Moringa oleifera, Azadirachta indica, Aspilia africana, in vitro gas production and Rabbits

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