Semen qualities of kalahari red bucks fed Moringa oleifera leaf meal-based concentrates during dry season

  • G O Sanusi
  • B O Oluwatosin
  • A B J Aina
  • A O Jolaosho


To determine the semen qualities of Kalahari Red goats fed Moringa oleifera leaf-based concentrates during dry season, sixteen (16) Kalahari Red bucks were fed MOLM-based concentrates at 0, 5, 10 and 15 % for 100 days in a Completely Randomised Design. Ten (10) induced does were used as teasers on 60th, 77th, 84th, 91st, and 98th day for semen quality. The highest semen volume of 1.9 ml per ejaculate was observed in Kalahari Red bucks fed 15 % MOLM inclusion level. 10 % of MOLM elicited sperm concentration of 3.42 x 109/mls (P < 0.05), progressive motility (P > 0.05) of 98.00 % and the lowest abnormality of 5.00 %. The lowest value of 0.71 μmol/ml malondialdehyde was recorded for the group fed 15 % inclusion level of MOLM. It could be concluded that MOLM improved semen qualities of Kalahari Red bucks.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0378-9721