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Hematological and male hormonal profile of two cattle breeds reared at the federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta

Adeleye Olushola Emmanuel
Quadri Jashola Temitope
Olukunle Johnny Olufemi
Adeleye Adenike Iyabo
Adeyemi Samuel Olufemi
Rahman Samson Adisa


Baseline data on the hematology of White Fulani and Muturu breeds of Cattle have been reported. However, very few documented studies have been carried out with regards to the reproductive hormonal profile of these breeds. Satisfactory reproductive performance is important to effective management and production as a whole in cattle production. Provision of data representing the male reproductive profile is imperative in view of the increasing importance of assisted reproduction and genetic selection in livestock farming. In the present study, the totalĀ  erythrocyte values were similar in the male and female animals of both breeds. PCV and reticulocyte count in males were significantly higher than in females of the White Fulani breed while erythrocyte and leucocyte parameters obtained for the Muturu cattle were also similar for the males and females, except the reticulocyte values which were significantly higher in the females. Testosterone concentrations obtained for the Muturu bulls were similar to those earlier reported for Brown Swiss bulls (Thun et al., 1980) while values reported for the White Fulani breed are also similar to those for Nguni bulls (Kay, 1984). Average plasma FSH concentrations of the White Fulani breed were higher than those for the Muturu breed in this study. However, the mean plasma LH concentrations were higher in the Muturu breed. These data provide a baseline from which to compare hematological and male reproductive hormonal values in White Fulani and Muturu cattle and will be especially valuable in future in designing therapeutic protocols for the managements of abnormalities in these breeds of cattle.

Key words: Hematology, reproductive, hormones and cattle

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eISSN: 0378-9721