Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa

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Blood profile and organ2.O-somatic indices of albino rats exposed to graded levels of used mineral-based crankcase oil.

I.R Obidike, U.M Igwebuike, L.O Aka, S.C Udem, U.V Omoja, N.Y Azizh


The effects Used Engine Oil (UEO) otherwise known as mineral-based crankcase oil on blood profile and organo-somatic indices of albino rats were studied. Twenty four male albino rats divided randomly into 4 groups of 6 rats each were used. Rats in three groups (A, B and C) received graded dose levels of UEO respectively every 48 hours for a period of 28 days. Data on PCV, Hb concentration, EC, TLC, DLC, MCV, MCH, MCHC; organo-somatic index for the heart, kidney, spleen and clinical observations of the rats were collected. Results showed that all the UEO exposed rats came down with diarrhoea. The mean % PCV and Hb concentration in all UEO exposed rat groups did not differ from the mean value of the control. Mean EC of groups A and B rats did not differ from each other and also never varied from the mean value of the control. Rats in groups A, B and C showed marked significant difference in their MCV values when compared with the control. The MCH and MCHC of all UEO exposed rats did not differ from the mean value of the control. There was a significant increase in TLC and ALC values of groups B and C rats relative to the control. Significant increases in the organosomatic index for the heart, kidney and spleen of rats exposed to UEO were also recorded. This findings suggest that exposure to UEO affected the blood picture and organo-somatic index of the heart, kidney and spleen of the male rats.

Keywords: Used Engine Oil-Blood profile-Organo-somatic index-Rats
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