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Performance test of a dual-purpose disc agrochemical applicator

MS Abubakar


The performance test of a dual-purpose disc agrochemical applicator for field crop was conducted with view to assess the distribution   patterns/droplet sizes and uniformity of spreading and or spraying for the agrochemical application. The equipment performances for both granular and liquid chemical application were assessed and reported. Results obtained for NPK granular chemical indicate that at low (50 kg/ha) and high (150 kg/ha) application rates and 550 rpm disc speed, mean distribution pattern skewed to the left. The mean distribution pattern shape at medium (100 kg/ha) application rate was flattop; whereas for the HC amine 48 liquid chemical herbicide application, the average values of volume median diameter (VMD) and number median diameter (NMD) were 106 ìm and 76 ìm at 90 lt/ha application rates and 5000 rpm disc speed and 190 ìm and 120 ìm at 90 lt/ha application rates 2000 rpm disc speed, respectively. Results from the experimental tests shows that the average effective field capacity for the equipment with a prime mover was found to be 0.89 ha/hr or 7.12 ha/man-day for a 8 hour working day. It was concluded that the dual purpose disc agrochemical applicator could be used for the application of both granular and liquid chemicals by the rice growers.

Keywords: Performance test, Dual-purpose, Disc, Agrochemical applicator.
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