Prevalence of Fasciolosis in small ruminants slaughtered at Yola Modern Abattoir, Adamawa state, Nigeria

  • MB Ardo
  • YA Aliyara
Keywords: Fasciola infection, Modern abattoir, Prevalence, small ruminants, Yola


A cross sectional study was conducted from January to December 2012 on 4013 animals (1596 sheep and 2417 goats) at Yola modern abattoir, Adamawa State, Nigeria, based on post mortem examination. The objective of the study were to estimate the prevalence rate as well as the distribution of Fasciola infections in slaughtered small ruminants according to age, sexes and season. A total of 4013 slaughtered sheep and goats were examined at post mortem and 22(0.55%) liver flukes cases were recorded. Out of the 1596 sheep and 2417 goats examined during the period 13(0.32%) and 9(0.23%) were infected with Fasciola respectively. There was no statistical significance (P>0.05) on the prevalence of infection between the species. However according to age, out of the 359 young sheep and 759 young goats examined, 1(0.06%) and 0(0%) were infected respectively. Out of the 1237 and1658 adult sheep and goats examined, 12(0.76%) and 9(0.37%) were infected respectively. Among the sheep and goats, the adults were found to be more infected than the young. Statistically the difference was significant (P<0.05). According to sex, out of the 471 rams and 969 bucks examined, 2(0.12%) and 1(0.04%) were infected respectively. Out of the 1125 ewes and 1448 does examined, 11(0.70%) and 8(0.33%) were infected respectively. There was statistical variation (P<0.05) among male and female in both species. According to season goats were more infected during the rainy season than dry season and whereas sheep were more infected during dry season. There was no statistical significance (P>0.05) between the seasons in sheep, but in goatsit was significant (P<0.05). The monthly prevalence showed peak in December for sheep and September for goats. The results show Fasciola infection affects both sheep and goats in Yola modern abattoir Nigeria.

Key words: Fasciola infection, Modern abattoir, Prevalence, small ruminants, Yola


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