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Prevalence of biting and non-biting flies in relation to species in the Jos Museum Zoological Garden, north central Nigeria

HL Njila, S David, A Ombugadu


Several Dipteran flies are vectors of diseases in the Afro-tropical region. The study was carried out to  determine the species abundance of biting and non biting flies prevalent at the Jos Museum Zoological Garden, north central Nigeria. The flies were trapped using Biconical traps during the raining season of August  -September 2013. The flies were harvested three times a week at an interval of 48 hours. Stomoxys calcitrans is the most abundant species trapped. There were significantly more flies in the Lion, Bovidae (Donkey, Carmel and Horse) and Ostrich sites compared to Human routes, Chimpanzee and Hyena sites suggesting a correlation between flies abundance and body size of animal. Flies proportions were compared using Chi-square test. There is a significant difference in the abundance of biting and non-biting flies. There is also a  significant difference in the abundance of flies in relation to species and trapping sites. The biting effects on resident animals and tourists were discussed. The Jos Museum Zoological Garden being the oldest and second largest tourist destination in Nigeria will require concerted efforts to put in proper control measures to prevent flies infestation. This can be done through improved hygienic conditions and wastes management.

Key words: Biting, flies, Garden, Museum, Zoological
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