Effects of very low frequency electromagnetic method (VLFEM) and physicochemical change of Zango abattoir

  • Y Aliyu
  • I.M Toma
  • A.Y. Ugya
Keywords: Abattoir, Livestock, SON, Water quality, WHO, Zango


The study examined the impact of livestock dung on ground water status in the study area. To achieve this, a very low frequency EM survey was conducted; the aim and objective was to detect fractures in the subsurface. VLF data were acquired at 5m intervals along two profiles, with maximum length of 60m in the North-South direction. The fraser filtered real component of the processed VLF data detected anomalous zones/ litho logical boundaries that may possibly serve as conduit for the movement of solid waste contaminant into the ground water. Water sample from the hand dug wells were collected in prewashed 250ml plastic container and analyzed in the Laboratory. Result obtained shows that physicochemical analysis deviate from WHO and SON standard and complement with VLF EM survey. This has shown that it is not free from certain heavy metals, as such, the water is not suitable for human and livestock consumption. It is recommended that the ground water in Zango should be treated using coagulants before use.

Keywords: Abattoir, Livestock, SON, Water quality, WHO, Zango


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eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996