Cellulase and Pectinase Production Potentials of Aspergillus Niger Isolated from Corn Cob

  • SB Oyeleke
  • OA Oyewole
  • EC Egwim
  • BEN Dauda
  • EN Ibeh
Keywords: Pectinase, cellulose, Aspergillus niger, enzymatic activity, corn cob


Production of pectinase and cellulase by Aspergillus niger from corn cob was examined. The organism was screened for enzymatic activity using Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose (CMC) and Pectin as substrate. The result revealed a clear zone of inhibition in the agar plates. The organism was subjected to different optimum conditions which include pH, temperature, biomass yield and enzymatic activity. The highest cellulose activity was obtained on the 4th day (1.9×10-4μg/ml/sec) while the highest pectinase activity (1.5×10-4μg/ml/sec) was obtained on the 4th and 5th day. The optimum pH for cellulase production was pH 4 with an activity of 2.70×10-4μg/ml/sec while the optimum pH for pectinase activity was pH 6 with an activity of 1.5×10-4 μg/ml/sec. The optimum temperature was at 50oC with an enzyme activity of 1.3x10-4μg/ml/sec for cellulase production while the optimum temperature of 60oC gave the highest pectinase activity of 1.6x10-4 μg/ml/sec. This study revealed that Aspergillus niger from corn cob has the ability to produce cellulase and pectinase, hence it may be considered as a source for the production of industrial cellulase and pectinase.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2006-6996
print ISSN: 2006-6996