Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia

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Green chemistry volumetric titration kit for pharmaceutical formulations: Econoburette

M Singh


Stopcock SC and Spring Sp models of Econoburette (Calibrated, RTC (NR), Ministry of Small Scale Industries, Government of India), developed for semimicro volumetric titration of pharmaceutical formulations are reported. These are economized and risk free titration where pipette is replaced by an inbuilt pipette and conical flask by inbuilt bulb. A step of pipetting of stock solution by mouth is deleted. It is used to allow solution exposure to user’s body. This risk is removed and even volatile and toxic solutions are titrated with full proof safety. Econoburette minimizes use of materials and time by 90 % and prevent discharge of polluting effluent to environment. Few acid and base samples are titrated and an analysis of experimental expenditure is
described in the papers.
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