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<b>Thermodynamic parameters of elasticity and electrical conductivity of reinforced natural rubber (nr) vulca nizates</b>

B.F. Adeosun
E.G. Olumayede
I.J. Adeyefa


The thermodynamic parameters (change in free energy of elasticity, DGe; change in enthalpy of elasticity, DHe; and change in entropy of elasticity, DSe) and the electrical conductivity of natural rubber composites reinforced separately with some agricultural wastes have been determined. Results show that the reinforced composites are relatively more ordered and more spontaneous to elasticity than the unreinforced composite. These more ordered composites were observed to conduct electricity better than the unreinforced. The inclusion of the agricultural wastes examined in the formulation of natural rubber composite enhances the elasticity and the electrical conductivity of natural rubber.


KEY WORDS: Thermodynamic parameters of elasticity, Natural rubber, Electrical conductivity of natural rubber composites, Reinforced composites, Unreinforced composites


Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop. 2004, 18(2), 229-234.