Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Ethiopia

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The effect of Ocimum sanctum and Ledum palustre on serum uric acid level in patients suffering from gouty arthritis and hyperuricaemia

M. Ahmad, A.A. Faraazi, M.N. Aamir


The effect of Ocimum sanctum Linn on uric acid levels in 200 humans was observed in this study. Three times oral administration of Ocimum sanctum Linn (test medicine) to the 100 patients (60 males and 40 females), and Ledum palustre Linn (reference remedy) to 100 patients was given. For analysis of uric acid in blood samples the enzymatic method was selected due to its accuracy and reproducibility. The value of reduction in serum uric acid by Ocimum sanctum Linn (OSL) in males was 2.6 ± 0.3 and reduction in serum uric acid (SUA) by Ledum palustre Linn (LPL) in males was 4.3 ± 0.3. On the other hand, the value of reduction in SUA by OSL in females was 2.5 ± 0.3 and reduction in serum uric acid by LPL in females was 4.6 ± 0.4. It can be concluded that LPL has better results in the reducing SUA levels than OSL in both males and females.


KEY WORDS: Ledum palustre, Ocimum sanctum, Serum uric acid levels


Bull. Chem. Soc. Ethiop. 2013, 27(3), 469-473.

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