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Evaluation of selected parameters of rat liver and kidney function following repeated administration of yohimbine.

Mansur LAWAL
Musbau A. AKANJI


The effects of administration of yohimbine, an aphrodisiac on some functional parameters of rat liver and kidney were investigated. White male albino rats weighing between 200-250g were grouped into two such that one group was orally administered with 14mg/kg body weight on daily basis for 15days while the control received an appropriate volume of sterile distilled water on daily basis for the same period. Bilirubin concentration in the test showed a significant decrease (P<0.01) when compared with the control, with an interruption of a significant increase only on day 5 of administration (P<0.01). Sodium ion concentration showed significant increase only on the first and the last days when compared with the control (P<0.01). The serum albumin content and K+ displayed significant increase throughout the experimental period (P<0.01) while serum content of urea and creatinine decreased significantly throughout the period of administration (P<0.01). The results suggest that yohimbine administration has adverse affect on the functional capacities of the liver and the kidney.

Key words: Functional parameters, Kidney, Liver, Yohimbine

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eISSN: 0795-8080