Biokemistri - Vol 16, No 2 (2004)

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Table of Contents


Iron chelation excludes protein synthesis inhibition in the tetracycline management of African trypanosomosis
Justine T Ekanem, Titilayo O Johnson, Iyabo S Adenira, Valeelat Okeola
Comparative studies on the effect of organic and inorganic nitrogen supplementation of millet and sorghum pomace on the production of three industrial enzymes by Aspergillus niger SL.1
Emmanuel A Abu, Saleh A Ado
Inhibitory activity of seed extract from Picralima nitida, (Staph) on β-D-glucosidase
Enomfon J Akpan, Ime B Umoh
Assessment of protein quality of processed melon seed as a component of poultry feed
Oyelola B Oloyede, Gloria A Otunola, Daniel F Apata
Proximate composition of bungu (Ceratotheca sesamoides Endl.) leaves and seeds
Kola Fasakin
Toxicological evaluation of the surface water of Amilegbe River using rats
Adenike T Oladiji, Olalekan Adeyemi, Oladunni O Abiola
Effect of theobromine on serum total protein, albumin, iron and transferrin in albino rats
Eleojo B Musa, Mbeh U Eteng, James Omale, Joseph E Olajide
The antimicrobial activities of methanolic extracts of Eucalyptus camaldulensis and Terminalia catappa against some pathogenic microorganisms
H Babayi, I Kolo, JI Okogun, UJJ Ijah
Time-course analysis of the accumulation of phenols in tomato seedlings infected with Potato Virus X and Tobacco mosaic virus
Olusegun S Balogun, Tohru Teraoka
Evaluation of Anti-Diarrhoeal Property of Crude Aqueous Extract of Ocimum gratissimum L. (Labiatae) In Rats
CN Ezekwesili, KA Obiora, OP Ugwu

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