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Physicochemical properties of maize–'OGI' enriched with watermelon (<i>Citrullus lanatus</i>) seed

Omolara Bolanle Otegbayo
Deborah Owolabi
Oluyinka Oroniran
Olufemi Oludemi


The physicochemical properties of Maize-Ogi samples enriched with Watermelon seed were studied. Watermelon maize Ogi was produced by supplementing Maize-Ogi with 10% Watermelon seed either by adding the Watermelon seed flour to Maize-Ogi flour (sample A) or fermenting the Watermelon seed and maize grains together (sample B) and then reconstituted. The bulk density, swelling capacity (SC) and solubility index (SI), pasting characteristics and water absorption capacity (WAC) of the Watermelon supplemented Maize-Ogi samples and Maize-Ogi (control, sample C) were investigated by standard methods. Result showed that there was no significant difference (p>0.05) in terms of WAC and SC among the Watermelon seed-Maize Ogi but their bulk density and solubility indices differ. The swelling capacity and bulk density of 100% Maize-Ogi (sample C) were however higher than that of the Watermelon seed Ogi samples. The pasting properties of all the Ogi samples were significantly different except the pasting time and temperature. The 100% Maize-Ogi had the highest peak and final viscosities indicating that it will produce thicker gruels compared with the other samples. Differences in the physicochemical properties among the Watermelon seed Ogi samples indicate that the method of enrichment may influence some of the physicochemical and pasting properties. The thinner gruel of the Watermelon seed Ogi compared with the 100% Maize-Ogi sample indicate that it has potentials to be a complementary gruel for infants.

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eISSN: 1597-2836