Empirical studies of flexural strength for dry-stack Interlocking masonry

  • JV Ngowi
  • HC Uzoegbo


Tests were carried out to establish the flexural strength of dry-stack masonry under vertical and horizontal bending. Two formats of wallettes were tested. Format 1 made of specimens constructed span normal to bed joints, which were tested under vertical bending and Format 2 specimens constructed span parallel to bed joints were tested under horizontal bending. Two different units strength, 9 and 16 MPa were used. Formats of wallettes tested were selected in such a way that an adequate number of courses and dry stack joints were tested. In each Format series of dry-stack specimens were tested and compared with similar specimens bonded with cement mortar in the bed joints. The paper highlights the typical construction method of the system, experimental procedures and tests results on flexural strength in both orthogonal directions. The test results were used to establish the resistance to bending in both direction and the orthogonal ratio of the system.

Keywords: dry-stack masonry units, interlocking mechanism, flexural strength, orthogonal ratio

Botswana Journal of Technology Vol. 14(2) 2005: 26-31

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eISSN: 1019-1593