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Pharmacodynamic drug interaction study: effect of sertraline on the hypoglucemic action of glibenclamide in rats

JM Okonta


The effect of sertraline on glibenclamide control of blood sugar level was determined in normoglycemic and alloxanised rats. Sertraline enhance the hypoglycaemic action in a non-dose dependent fashion in the normoglycaemic and alloxanised rats. Sertraline (40mg/Kg body weight) was more effective in the enhancement of blood sugar lowering effect of glibenclamide than glibenclamide alone and glibenclamide-sertraline (80mg/Kg body weight). Although sertraline enhanced the blood hypoglycaemic activity of glibenclamide in rats the clinical significance of the study is not yet known.

Bio-Research Vol. 3(1) 2005: 31-34