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Validation of haematuria as a rapid diagnostic tool for urinary schitosomaisis

CG Okoli
MOE Iwuala


In investigating the significance of haematuria in the diagnosis of urinary schistosmiasis a total of 3,504 persons from 37 communities in four local government areas of Imo state Nigeria, namely, Okigwe, Ohaji/Egbema, Oguta and Owerri West, were randomly examined for the presence of Schistosoma haematobium eggs and screened for haematuria in their urine between may 1998 and September 2000. Using haematuria to identify cases of urinary schitosomiasis a sensitivity rate of 58.3% and a specificity rate of 86.0% were recorded. There was a close association (R=0.8, P<0.01) between occurrence of haematuria and presence of haematobium eggs in urine. Haematuria is therefore, strongly recommended for possible use as an index in rapid community diagnosis of urinary schitosomiasis.

Bio-Research Vol. 3(1) 2005: 62-65