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Evaluation of the effectiveness of diaznon against <i>Amblyomma variegsatum (Acarina Ixodidae</i>)

OO Ikpeze


The evaluation of the effectiveness of acaricides against ticks (Acarina Ixodidae) using a modified tea bag technique is described. The tests involved natural populations of Amblyomma variegatum from natural infestations and cattle at the slaughterhouse Onitsha, South Nigeria. The test carried out between November 2002 and May 2003 mimics the exposure of ticks to freshly prepared differing concentrations of the Diazintol® (containing 162mg/mL or 16.2%w/v of Dimphylate). Fifty percent lethal concentration (LC50) of diazinon for larvae, nymphs, adult males and females of A. variegatum were determined (from the plots of concentration 1 against mortality) as 0.047, 0.056, 0.07 and 0.075% respectively. Treatment was highly significant (P<0.01).

Bio-Research Vol. 3(1) 2005: 89-92