In-vitro evaluation of bioadhesive and release properties of thiamine hydrochloride formulation from Gelatin, Gellan as their admixtures

  • MA Momoh
  • MU Adikwu
  • UE Nwachi
  • AA Attama
  • T Gugu
Keywords: Bioadhesive, Gellan gum, Gelatin gum, Thiamine hydrochloride, Release studies


This study was aimed at determining the effect of gelatin on the bioadhesive strength and release properties of gelatin gum. Bioadhesive strength determination was carried out using tensiometric methods. Thiamine tablets was prepared by wet granulation method and used for the study. Tablets properties evaluated include: weight uniformity, friability, disintegration time test and release studies in simulated intestinal fluid (SIF) and simulated gastric fluid (SGF). The study showed that the gelatin alone had the highest bioadhesive strength, while gellan had the least. Admixture of both gelatin and gellan showed values that were intermediate to those obtained for the two polymers differently. The release study showed a better release with batch A (1:1) highest in SIF, followed by F (0:1), and the reverse was the case in SGF.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2705-3822
print ISSN: 1596-7409