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Vol 48, No 7 (2002) Letters to the Editor Effects of a herbal remedy (CATAR) on human cataract lenses: Observations from a preliminary experimental study Abstract
G. Mawera
Vol 48 (2002) Letters to the Editor Parthenium hysterophorus allergy Abstract
D Ball
Vol 48, No 7 (2002) Letters to the Editors Clinical and biomedical aspects of gonorrhea, diagnosed in symptomatic patients in Midlands Province, Zimbabwe Abstract
L Apers, C. Zishiri
Vol 59, No 9-12 (2013) Cryptococcus gattii: A dilemma in diagnosis and treatment in sub-Saharan Africa an area with high HIV prevalence Abstract
VJ Robertson, TK Nyazika, L Katsidzira, TI Gutu
Vol 45, No 2 (1999) Heteromorpha trifoliata (Dombwe) accelerates acetic acid-induced peptic ulters: a preliminary study in the rat Abstract
E E Osim, T Maredza, PVV Prasada Rao, B Nhandara, B Adeyanju, Z J Duri
Vol 47, No 1 (2001) In vitro drug resistance during treatment for typhoid fever: a case report Abstract
M A Abota, F A Chartz
Vol 45, No 9 (1999) Post natal maternal morbidity patterns in mothers delivering in Gweru city (Midlands province) Abstract
C Zishiri, L K Shodu, M Tshimanga, L Nyirongo
Vol 46, No 5 (2000) Rectus abdominis mmyocutaneous glap in reconstruction for advanced male breast cancer: case report Abstract
G O Igun
Vol 64, No 4-6 (2018) A case report of delayed traumatic splenic rupture Abstract
T Zimunhu, B.A. Mbuwayesango, D.S. Mazingi
Vol 48, No 3-4 (2002) A clinical evaluation of children under the age of five years who are household contacts of adults with sputum positive tuberculosis in Harare, Zimbabwe Abstract
S Mtombeni, A mahomva, S Siziya, C Sanyika, R Doolabh, KJ Nathoo
Vol 61, No 5-8 (2015) A cluster randomized controlled trial of the non-pneumatic anti-shock garment for obstetric haemorrhage: sub-analysis of the Zimbabwean Arm Abstract
TL Magwali, E Butrick, AE Ayadi, E Bergel, L Gibbons, NT Huong, M Merialdi, V Mambo, S Miller
Vol 46, No 2 (2000) A community based study of HIV in women in rural Gutu District, Zimbabwe 1992-1993 Abstract
C Nilses, G Lindmark, S Munjanja, L Nystrom
Vol 45, No 8 (1999) A comparison of nutritional indices of children in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe with the international referecne standards Abstract
LON Nyirongo, J Chideme-Maradzika, G Woelk, G A Chapman, S Siziya
Vol 47, No 11 (2001) A critical incident reporting systme in anaesthesia Abstract
F D Madzimbamuto, R Chiware
Vol 54, No 5-8 (2008) A historical perspective of registered cases of malignant ocular tumors in Zimbabwe (1990 to 1999). Is HIV infection a factor? Abstract
R Masanganise, S Rusakaniko, R Makunike, M Hove, E Chockunonga, MZ Borok, BG Mauchaza, MZ Chirenje, VN Masanganise, T Magure
Vol 56, No 5-8 (2010) A potentially treatable cause of dementia Abstract
L Katsidzira, T Machiridza, A Ndlovu
Vol 46, No 10 (2000) A Preliminary assessment of the potential of the Muschovy duck (Cairina maschata) as a biocontrol agent of schistosomiasis intermediate host snails Abstract
B Ndlela, M J Chimbari
Vol 63, No 7-9 (2018) A prospective descriptive study of the management of miscarriages at two tertiary hospitals in Zimbabwe: variations from global trends Abstract
MF Gidiri, PD Fanyana
Vol 56, No 1-4 (2010) A report on the Zimbabwe Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) programme progress towards achieving MGD6 target 6B: Achievement and challenges Abstract
T Apollo, K Takarinda, O Mugurungi, C Chakanyuka, T Simbini, AD Harris
Vol 46, No 10 (2000) A review of cervical cancer patients presenting in Harare and Parirenyatwa Hospitals in 1998 Abstract
Z M Chirenje, S Rusakaniko, V Akino, M Mlingo
Vol 63, No 10-12 (2017) A review of guidelines on clinical use of blood and blood components in obstetrics and gynaecological emergencies in Zimbabwe Abstract
MG Madziyire, B Madzima, H Chiguvare, T Kanyowa, E Mpeta, S Chitsungo
Vol 62, No 1-4 (2016) A review of malaria in pregnancy Abstract
M.G. Madziyire, T.L. Magwali, M.F. Gidiri
Vol 62, No 5-8 (2016) A review of quality of care for patients living with diabetes at Chitungwiza Central Hospital, Zimbabwe Abstract
B Rigava, S Ray, L Mukavhi
Vol 62, No 5-8 (2016) A review of the cases done in the first six months of the male circumcision programme in Harare: An HIV intervention measure Abstract
R Makota, Godfrey I. Muguti
Vol 64, No 7-9 (2018) A review of the landscape and approach for biofortification initiatives in Zimbabwe Abstract
T.M. Matsungo, G Musamadya, J Tagwireyi, D Takawira, M Kabisa, R Mofya Mukuka, A Chapoto
Vol 59, No 5-8 (2013) A simple qualitive procedure for the detection of chloroquine in urine for use in clinical analytical toxicology in resource poor settings Abstract
D Tagwireyi, LL Gadaga, ED Ball, CFB Nhachi
Vol 48, No 5 (2002) A study of human bite injuries to the face Abstract
O. N. Obukwe
Vol 46, No 7 (2000) A study of the position of the mandibular foramen in adult black Zimbabwean mandibles Abstract
E F Mbajiorgu
Vol 57, No 9-12 (2011) A successful clinical pilot registry of four radiation oncology practices in Africa and Ontario Abstract
TZ Madzima, M Boshoff, D Abuidris, GW Jones
Vol 62, No 1-4 (2016) A survey of pregnant and postnatal women, clinic attendees and maternity staff regarding the presence of birth companions during labour and delivery Abstract
Jonathan Fernandes, T Kambarami, T Dhlandhlara, C Kaguda, C Guramatunhu, L Mudzingwa, S Ray
Vol 46, No 1 (2000) Abnormal rotation of the right kidney Abstract
S C Chaudhary, P V Prasada Rao
Vol 47, No 9 (2001) Abortion admissions in rural Matebeleland North Province Abstract
S Rutgers
Vol 45, No 9 (1999) Abortion: attitudes and perceptions of health professionals in Zimbabwe Abstract
J Kasule, M T Mbizvo, V Gupta
Vol 58, No 1-4 (2012) Accuracy of straight leg raise and slump tests in detecting lumbar disc herniation: a pilot study Abstract
VRP M'Kumbuzi, JT Ntawukuriryayo, JD Haminana, J Munyandamutsa, E Nzakizwanimana
Vol 48, No 3-4 (2002) Acetyl salicylic acid (asprin), micronutrients and chloroquine in the management of the Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Abstract
GA Stanczuk, M Thomsen, AM Soerensen, EN Sibanda
Vol 60, No 1 (2014) Acute postpartum uterine inversion: a case report Abstract
TL Magwali, L Hlatshwayo
Vol 53, No 5-8 (2007) Acute renal failure (AFR) in developing countries: which factors actually influence survival Abstract
F.A Arogundade, A.A Sanusi, O.O Okunola, F.O Soyinka, O.E Ojo, A Akinsola
Vol 45, No 4 (1999) Adolescent drug use in Zimbabwe assessed by their teachers Abstract
A H Eide, T Batau, S W Acuda
Vol 45, No 6 (1999) Aero-allergen sensitisation patterns amongst atopic Zimbabwe children Abstract
R A Kambarami, F Marechera, E N Sibanda, M E Chitiyo
Vol 56, No 9-12 (2010) Agnathia-Synotia-Microstomia (Otocephaly): A case report in an African woman Abstract
HA Mujuru, A Marume, S Shumbairerwa, A Ndhlovu
Vol 46, No 3 (2000) Aids is now the commonest clinical condition associated with multilineage blood cytopenia in a central referral hospital in Zimbabwe Abstract
E Malyangu, E A Abayomi, J Adewuyi, A M Coutts
Vol 45, No 1 (1999) AIDS related knowledge and sexual behaviour among commercial farm residents in Zimbabwe Abstract
J Chikovore, M T Mbizvo
Vol 45, No 11 (1999) Alcolhol consumption in HIV-1 infected persons: a study of immunological markers, Harare, Zimbabwe Abstract
S K Chandiwana, M B Sebit, A S Latif, E Gomo, S W Acuda, F Makoni, J Vushe
Vol 57, No 1-4 (2011) An assessment of the maternal death notification system in Zimbabwe - 2006 Abstract
Tl Magwali, R Mataya, SP Munjanja, M Chirehwa
Vol 56, No 9-12 (2010) An audit of malaria mortality using the "Malaria Death Investigation Form" at United Bulawayo Hospitals, Zimbabwe: 1996-2000 Abstract
TK Mudiayi, M Tshimanga
Vol 61, No 1-4 (2015) An echocardiography audit to determine and characterise rheumatic heart disease lesions since 2012 Abstract
NT Munyandu
Vol 48 (2002) An investigation of symptomatic Malaria parasitaemia and anaemia in nursery and primary School children in Buea District Cameroon Abstract
TK Njuo Akenji, EA Ajame, EA Achidi
Vol 46, No 6 (2000) An outbreak of dysentery in a rural district of Zimbabwe: the role of personal hygiene at public gatherings Abstract
S M Midzi, M Tshimanga, S Siziya, T Marufu, E T Mabiza
Vol 46, No 7 (2000) An update on human bartonelloses Abstract
A-M Pretorius, P J Kelly
Vol 60, No 2 (2014) Anaemia and iron deficiency in peri-urban school children born in a National HIV Prevention Programme in Zimbabwe: A cross-sectional study Abstract
P Kuona, G Mashavave, GQ Kandawasvika, MP Mapingure, M Masanganise, P Chandiwanda, M Munjoma, KJ Nathoo, B Stray-Pedersen
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