The Impacts of Slavery and Colonialism on African Traditional Music and Dance Performances

  • SO Ikibe


The fact that slavery and colonialism are two inhuman policies that plagued the African people's culture with indelible and irreparable consequences is not a debatable issue. While reparations are being demanded by African nationalists from the Western European and United States of America, with  focus on labour, man power and socio-technological developments, it is pertinent to highlight and reiterate some aspect of socialcultural damages that the obnoxious policies made on Africa. This paper, specifically, is a pointer to the evil effects of slavery and colonialism on African music and dance in Nigeria and in the diaspora. Thus, much more than financial and socialtechnological reparation, this paper suggests ways of socialcultural amelioration for the bastardised African music and dance culture caused by slavery and colonialism

Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2006-6910