Armament and disarmament in Nigeria: juxtaposing Niger-delta militancy and boko haram insurgency in northern Nigeria

  • OPC Wariboko


Armed conflicts have continued to bedevil Nigeria and account for innumerable loss of lives and properties. The volume of both legally and illegally possessed arms in Nigeria is alarming. They serve as motivation for conflicts and are used to perpetuate them. It appears that arms held by the military and especially civilians in Nigeria have continued to increase exponentially and are often times used indiscriminately. However, in as much as proportionate arms are sine quanon for a nation’s defense as a last resort, its availability to civilians who use them for criminal activities spell doom for any nation. Hence, drawing from scholarly publications and internet works, this study looks at armament and disarmament in Nigeria. It also juxtaposes Niger Delta militancy/disarmament and Boko Haram insurgence in Northern Nigeria, baring their similarities and differences. Borrowing a leaf from the relative success of Niger Delta amnesty/disarmament and considering the obstinate character of Boko Haram insurgents, this study advocates for a similar strategy of disarmament for Boko Haram. This of course, will not be without cumbersome challenges. Therefore, this paper makes recommendations that are believed to be helpful in carrying out this task. That way, arms will be controlled in Nigeria; there will be less armed conflict and colossal loss as a result of armed conflicts.


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print ISSN: 2006-6910