Gender construction, domestic crisis and the communication of femininity and masculinity in selected Nigerian films

  • Christine C. Utoh-Ojemudia
  • Prisca Ifeoma Okeke


This paper examines the construction of gender identities in marital unions in Nigerian films, and further interrogates how these identities communicate femininity and masculinity to the level of generating domestic crisis. The research is conducted using the interpretative and content analysis approach of the qualitative method to critically analyze two films produced in the Nigerian film industry for purposes of determining how the construction of gender identities in marital unions engender domestic crisis. The findings reveal that in an attempt to establish gender identities and self assertion, domestic crisis often erupts and continues to rage to the detriment of the expected peaceful co-existence and companionship in marital unions. The study concludes that the construction of gender identities in marital relationships generate crisis especially in situations where couples engage in struggles to dominate and suppress the other or to resist domination by another. Based on the findings, the study advocates for a better understanding among couples which will lay the foundation for mutual peaceful coexistence and encourages film directors to give more exposition to gender domination in films as it relates to both male and female.


Journal Identifiers

print ISSN: 2006-6910