Costume and make up in cultural development

  • M Abuku
  • C Odi


Costume is an essential feature of any dramatic production and with make- up constitutes the total visual appearance of the actor. Costume is an important fact of acting; therefore it is not mere covering for an actor. Thus its essence is rooted in the fact that the actor wears it, moves and speaks in it and is continually within the attention of the spectator. Costume assists characterization so that whether in film or on stage, the audience can determine age, social status, personality, nationality, dislikes
and likes before the character utters a word. Costume also helps to establish the relationship between characters. The actor and the costume interpret the character. This in essence means that the proper coordination of the production elements contribute in boosting the cultural image of the people whose lives are reflected in the stories being dramatised on stage or in films. Costumes and make up could therefore become effective tools for cultural promotion and development if well manipulated. It then means
that film transforms all subjects and objects into new signs which 189 190
communicate to the audience. In essence, film is rooted in the  communication and promotion of ideas, and ideas serve as a veritable instrument of enlightenment and education.

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print ISSN: 2006-6910