Nematicidal plants with potential to control plant-parasitic nematodes of some economic food crops

  • T.I Olabiyi
Keywords: Nematicidal plants, pant parasitic nematodes, control


An inventory was made of plant parasitic nematode species, the crops they infest and plants that could be used to control the various nematodes. Effective nematicidal plants and their chemical constituents were also highlighted. It was observed that many plant materials had been used in the control of plant parasitic nematodes worldwide. Concentrations of plant materials, forms of application, the effective nematicidal plant parts and the chemical constituents in plants varied tremendously. From the information available it appears that the wide use of nematicidal plants in the control of plant parasitic nematodes could be easily adopted by growers worldwide.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1813-3320