Contribution Of Autopsy To Medical Practice In Cameroon: A 10 year review.

  • G Enow-Orock
  • CJ Assob Ngu
  • T Pisoh
  • PS Masumbe
  • Z Sando
  • B Nkegoum
  • P Atangana
  • MC Moampea-Mbio
  • JL Essame-Oyono
Keywords: Autopsy - Medical practice - Cameroon.


Of 12.000 bodies received at the mortuary of the Yaounde General Hospital, 126 were autopsied in this 10-year retrospective study from 1997 to 2007, giving a rate of 1 autopsy in 100 deaths. 72.2% of cases were males against 27.8% females. The predominant age group was 20-69 years (57.1%). The main causes of death include natural disease (32.5%), physical aggression (20.6%), road traffic accident (19.8%), poisoning (9.5%), asphyxia (7.1%) and firearm injury (6.4%). The indication for autopsy was mainly medico-legal (91.7%). The circumstances of death showed a predominance of natural causes (34.1%), murder (32.6%), and homicide (28.6%). Though the benefits of an autopsy to the family, medical practice and entire community are enormous, the rate of this procedure in our community is low. We recommend public education and advocate for a legislative framework that
regulates autopsy practice, at least, in teaching hospitals in our country.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2090-7214
print ISSN: 1812-5840