Epidemio-Clinical Factors Associated with Caesarean Section in Two Referral Hospitals (Public/Faith-Based), Far-North Region, Cameroon

  • PN Nana
  • JN Fomulu
  • A Djenabou
  • RE Mbu
  • R Tonye
  • JC Wandji
  • JI Leke
Keywords: caesarean section, maternal and perinatal mortality, maternal morbidity, rural, semi-urban, cost


Caesarean section incurs significant cost and poses a hindrance to healthcare. The aim of the study was to determine maternal, foetal outcomes and cost. This was a cross sectional study conducted at the two health facilities. The study covered an eight month period. The rate of caesarean section was 5.69% and 6.22% at the semi-urban and rural hospital. Adolescents were predominant (27.86%) in the semi-urban group. 70% of the mothers in the rural environment were uneducated. Prenatal consultation of four was carried out by 92% of the rural women. Cephalo-pelvic disproportion remained the main indication for surgery. The type of anaesthesia was general (96.72%) and spinal (83.33%). Post-operative complications were dominated by haemorrhage and infection. The mean cost for surgery was 80.000 F in the semi-urban area. At the rural hospital the cost fixed at 19.000 and 32.000 F. The cost of surgery in the two hospitals is cheap compared to other healthcare facilities in the Country.

Keywords caesarean section; maternal and perinatal mortality; maternal morbidity; rural; semi-urban; cost


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eISSN: 2090-7214
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