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The Leadership/Education Nexus in the Development of Manya Krobo in Ghana 1939-1989. The Case of Oklemekuku Azzu Mate Kole

Samuel T. Addo
Alex K. Addo


The kind of governance and administration introduced in British West Africa in the 19th century was dubbed ‘indirect rule’. It entailed the direct link of the colonial administration in London and the seat of government of a colony with the traditional rulers of the native states within the colony. Each native state was virtually self-supporting; it organized its own administration, collected revenue and initiated its own development plan. This was the system inherited by Oklemekuku Azzu Mate Kole when he became the paramount chief and Konor of the Manya Krobo state in the Gold Coast (Ghana) in June 1939.
In this paper we propose to demonstrate how the paramount chief’s upbringing and education molded him into a charismatic, transformational leader who used both formal and informal education to develop a hitherto rural state into a progressive one which became a model for other native states in the Gold Coast to emulate.
Unfortunately the shift of political orientation and management by the new national government in 1951 led to the collapse of the vibrant and progressive rural economy. Meanwhile Oklemekuku Azzu Mate Kole’s continued performance at the Legislative Assembly till 1954 and his service on relevant boards between 1966 and 1972 helped in attaining re-direction in various national issues to the benefit of all.

Keywords: Azzu Mate Kole; Konor; Manya Krobo; Education, Development; Transformational leadership; Environmental Management.

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