Globalization and male sex trade in Ghana: Modernity or Immorality?

  • M Oteng-Ababio
  • C Wrigley-Asante
Keywords: Globalization, homosexuality, male sex trade, sex culture, Ghana


Using both qualitative and quantitative methods, the authors argue that globalization with its associated global tourism and the development of new communication technologies has promoted and propagated male sex trade, a phenomenon which hitherto was unknown in the Ghanaian society. Globalization has not only conspicuously ‘legitimized’ homosexuality, it has festered the increasing commercialization of the act, and has thus attracted widespread opposition, resistance and debate. While a section of the society considers the act immoral due to their religious faith, cultural beliefs and attitudes, others defend it raising human rights concerns. The authors call for a civil, dispassionate, apolitical and less hypocritical way of discussing the issue devoid of criminalization, in the quest for solutions to this emerging social issue. Key words: Globalization, homosexuality, male sex trade, sex culture, Ghana.

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print ISSN: 2343-6530