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Improving academic achievement after First year Studentship in the University: An Academic Reconstruction Process

GG Ogbebor
EE Enakpoya


The study examined the effect of some negative experiences of learners on the academic achievement of first year students in Nigerian University system.  It was a descriptive study that adopted the expost-facto design.  The participants totalled 200 students randomly selected from two faculties.  The instrument on improving academic achievement after first year studentship in the University was used.  Four research questions and two research hypothesis were formulated to guide the study.  The methods of data analysis were multiple regression co-efficient, Pearson Product Moment and t-test.  The findings showed that negative experiences had relationship with students’ academic achievement.  The study therefore recommended that the negative experiences should be part of the orientation given to first year students in the University.  Second, that universities should not use the grade point average obtained during the first year to compute the final GPA for graduating students.


Keywords:Academic Achievement, Improving, First year, University, Reconstruction.

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print ISSN: 0189-0263