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Wind energy as source for rural electricity to enhance agricultural production at Djelfa State (Center of Algeria)

Brahim Taoussi, Naima Boudrissa, Ismail Bengana


In this paper we have estimated the mean wind power density at Djelfa station. This wild source could be used to electrify the rural regions in the state since most of the fertile farmlands are located in it. We found that the electricity powered by wind reaches 534.93 W/m² (February) in the monthly study, 546.23 W/m² (winter) in the seasonal study and 384.91 W/m² as annual average at 50m height. The two-parameter Weibull distribution used to represent the diurnal mean wind speed data and Bayesian Estimation method is adopted statistical method used to estimate the shape and scale parameters.

Keywords: Wind Power; Bayesian Estimation; Weibull Distribution; Rural  Electrification

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