Synthesis and Characterization of Mn2+ and Fe2+ Complexes of Potentially N4O3 Heptadentate Ligand and Antimicrobial Screening of the Complexes

  • A Mustapha
  • US Adam
Keywords: Iron, Manganese, Multidentate, Schiff base


Tris-2-aminoethylamine was condensed with 5-bromosalicylaldehyde to yield the potentially heptadentate N4O3 ligand, the ligand synthesis was followed by complexation with metal ions (M= Fe2+, Mn2+). The complexes were characterized by infrared and UV visible, while their melting point, solubility and conductivity were investigated. The ligand C=N band appear at 1645 cm-1 while the C=N band infrared absorption vibration appears at 1622 cm-1 and 1626 cm-1 for iron and manganese complexes respectively. The UV absorption bands appear at low wavelengths, that is 420nm for manganese and 480nm for iron complex. Anti microbial screening on the complexes revealed that the monometallic complexes were active in inhibiting microbial growth.

Keywords: Iron, Manganese, Multidentate, Schiff base


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eISSN: 2384-6028
print ISSN: 2276-707X