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Characterization of Schiff base derived from 2-hydroxo-1-naphthaldehyde and Ethylenediammine and its Copper (II) Complex by Potentiometric and Spectrophotometric Methods

HN Aliyu, MA Kurawa, U Sani


Synthesis of Copper (II) complex with a Schiff base derived from the reaction of 2 – hydroxyl-1- naphthaldehyde and ethylenediammine was carried out. Solubility, melting/decomposition temperature, molar conductance, potentiometric, elemental analysis as well as uv-visible spectrophotometric studies were carried out. The pKa of the Schiff base was determined potentiometrically and checked using ORIGIN 50 method. Potentiometric studies revealed 1:1 metal to ligand ratio. Job’s method of continuous variation also revealed 1:1 metal to ligand ratio. Molar conductance measurements showed that the complex is non electrolyte with very high stability constant value. Gibb’s free energy determination showed that the complex is very stable as shown in the high decomposition temperature measurements.

Keywords: Potentiometry, Schiff base, Spectrophotometry, Stability constant

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