Solid state syntheses and interconversion of new metal salts and their coordination compounds

  • M A Kurawa
Keywords: Mechanochemical, Complexes, Cations, Synthesis


The state of the art in crystal engineering and solid state chemistry were exploited to prepare new crystalline solids [H4biim][MCl4] complexes (M = Co, 1; Cu, 2; Zn, 3) and [MCl2(H2biim)] (M = Co, 4; Cu, 5; Zn, 6) by solid state methods. The crystalline salts [H4biim][MCl4] (M = Co, Cu, Zn) contain anionic metal complexes (perchlorometallate) which are hydrogen bonded to organic cations (H2biim) decorated with NH H-bond donor groups, are synthesized via various solid state methods and then dehydrochlorinated via thermal or mechanochemical methods to obtain the coordination compounds [MCl2(H2biim)]. X-ray single crystal structure determination, powder diffraction (XRDP), thermogravimetric and elemental analyses were used in the preliminary characterization of the new salts and the derived materials.

Keywords: Mechanochemical, Complexes, Cations, Synthesis


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eISSN: 2384-6028
print ISSN: 2276-707X