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Synthesis and Single Crystal X-Ray Structure Determination of 3,3',5,5'- tetramethyl-4,4'-bipyrazolium tetrachloromanganate(II) monohydrate ([H<sub>2</sub>Me<sub>4</sub>bpz]<sub>2</sub>[MnCl<sub>4</sub>]Cl<sub>2</sub>·H<sub>2</sub>O)

MA Kurawa
AG Orpen


The title compound was synthesized mechanochemically by grinding MnCl2.4H2O and the protonated organic ligand [H2Me4bpz] resulting in the formation of [H2Me4bpz][MnCl4]. Suitable single crystal of this compound was analysed through X-ray diffraction technique to ascertain its composition and internal structure. Single crystal structure determination at 100 K revealed needle-like crystals in an orthorhombic crystal system. The asymmetric unit of the cell consists of an isolated chloride ion, one half of a tetrahedral [MnCl4]2- anion, a [H2Me4bpz]2+ dication and one half of a molecule of water.

Keywords: Crystal Engineering, Hydrogen Bond, X-ray Crystallography